MindSage is a powerful SEL/MESH course with lessons that span 4th through 12th grades.  

MindSage teaches corporate level soft skills in an age appropriate, comprehensive manner, to ensure your students develop invaluable SEL/MESH skills.  Skills that will give them an edge moving forward.
Using a micro-learning and metacognitive approach, MindSage is a powerful tool for improving student performance now, at the workplace and for life.


Not every student will reach the same level of academic achievement while in school.

But every student can develop the skills that will make them a productive, effective,  invaluable employees.
All students can be taught skills such as determination, flexibility, communication, innovation, and problem-solving, which will make them extremely valuable employees. No matter what they achieved academically in school.
Make the time to teach SEL/MESH  skills with MindSage. 
According to CASEL, teachers:
Believe SEL is Important 93%
Believe SEL is Teachable 95%
Time on SEL 10%


“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein
To solve the problem of graduates entering the workforce without soft skills, we need to think differently.  We feel that more testing is not the answer.
Part of the solution should include providing our students with soft skills training (MESH, SEL, Habits of Success) at an earlier age, and over the course of their schooling – just like any other core academic skill.
If you believe that developing non-academic skills should be a focus of a complete education, we’d like to connect with you.