The most important education
you'll get outside of school.

"It's an opportunity to see what you're learning in school,
through the eyes of what you'll need in the workplace. "
- Todd Macadangdang, Program Director


Our APS workshop is effective because it provides a true workplace experience. APS is immersive and impactful.

Team meetings, brainstorming, project planing and creative problem solving help students understand what it really takes to be successful in the workplace.

There are no tests, no quizzes or grades. Learning comes from the experience of doing.

If students are 'all in', they'll leave the program with workplace skills that give them a tremendous advantage when they enter the workplace.

At A Glance.

• 30-day corporate-level professional training workshop (minimum 1 hour per day)

• Three 30 minute Zoom meetings each week.

• 8 professional training sessions to develop essential traits, habits, qualities and mindsets.

• See and be seen by students around the country and world.

• Enhance and develop your time management, collaboration and problem solving skills with 6 real world projects.

• Insights, guidance and support from seasoned business professional mentors.

We learn by doing. The projects are real. The content produced is live. The environment is strictly professional.

Core training include:

✓ Effective communication
✓ Planning and achieving success
✓ Power of influencer types.
✓ Importance of Emotional Intelligence
✓ Breaking Limiting Beliefs
✓ The process of innovation.


Students that apply themselves will gain increased self-confidence and will have the opportunity to improve their leadership, public speaking and presentation, decision making, time management and critical thinking skills.

The application process is simple. Unlike other programs, academics won't be an obstacle from applying if you're willing to put in the work. We don't put as much emphasis on GPA as we do a student's desire and determination to develop their non-academic skills.

The APS program encourages you develop the work and life skills you'll need to follow your passion and make an impact. So be prepared and willing to work on who you are as well as who you can become.
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