What is the key to a powerful and effective 21st CCLC program?

21st Century Community Learning Centers and after school programs should be more than just additional time to complete homework, receive tutoring, or engage in a few enjoyable activities.

The AIR (American Institute for Research) 21st CCLC Program Evaluation report concluded:

“Although a variety of positive program effects were demonstrated in this year, OSPI* is interested in further exploring the types of impacts 21st CCLC is having on social-emotional learning, 21st century skills and competencies, and non-cognitive outcomes.

The report suggests that the most successful programs not only develop 21st century skills (soft skills), but also are:

• Based on written plans for each session, assignment and project.
• Planned before the start of the session, and tied to specific learning goals.
• Explicitly meant to build upon skills cultivated in a prior activity or session.
• Explicitly meant to address a specific developmental domain.
• Structured to respond to youth feedback on what content or format the activity should be.
• Informed by the expressed interests, preferences and/or satisfaction of participation youth.
* Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Combining MindSage with RealWorldCourse creates a 21st CCLC program that meets all the above criteria.

The MindSage/RealWorldCourse pairing creates a practical and powerful learning experience for your students.


RealWorldCourse Planning Meeting

Fallbrook High School, Fallbrook, CA


RealWorldCourse (RWC) creates a real world, at-work environment where students can apply the soft skills they are learning through MindSage.

Can you imagine a group of students creating a lifestyle vlog for healthy living (including exercise and diet) in urban settings, or an eMag or geolocation application that provides a tour of historic places within a city, written, coded and produced by students? 
Picture a team of students planning an event in a virtual hospital for children, for real patients who are not able to otherwise attend social gatherings because of their illness.  Imagine a group of students writing and producing a web series designed to prevent bullying.
RealWorldCourses can be all of the above and more.  What will your students choose to do?


• Write and produce a theme based play or video/short film to perform or show.
Themes could include:
-Peer pressure
-Loss of a loved one
-Handling school pressure
-Music video
• Write and produce online learning modules. Students can create modules about whatever they are interested in:
-How to
-Sports and training
-A new language
• Write and produce an eComic book or eMagazine. Magazines can focus on:
-Art / Street art / Photography
-Performing arts
-Fashion and style
• Write and produce a song/concert or music video.
• Community Based/Philanthropic Projects:
-Cleaning or repairing a park or playground area.
-Providing a fun event at a Children’s hospital.
-Performing a play or song produced earlier for a Retirement home.
-Project to help with the recycling efforts of the school.

Not every student will take AP courses in high school. Not every student will complete calculus or physics before they graduate.

Not all students will require the high math and science skills in careers they choose. 

All students will however, require core soft skills if they want to succeed in any career they enter.
Combining MindSage, which specifically teaches and develops soft skills, with RealWorldCourse, creates an elite 21st CCLC designed to prepare your students for high levels of success in the work place.

“When they get into the working world, they’ll feel comfortable and well-equipped, because they’ve already done it in the RealWorldCourse. They know what it takes to succeed.”

-Mindsage/RealWorldCourse trainer


Many schools and districts have already applied for and have obtained 21st Century Community Learning Center grants.  Some schools may be in their 3rd or 4th year of the grant (grant funds can be awarded for up to five years if schools can prove the efficacy of the program in place).

These are considered Mature programs: Grantees not in their first year, but also not in their last year of funding.
With Mature programs MindSage/RealWorldCourse can be introduced into existing programs.
If a state is still offering the grant for new 21st CCLC programs (New: Grantees in their first year of 21st CCLC funding), we can work with you to implement MindSage/RWC into your program.



We want to work very closely with your school and district.  

We can walk you through the setup process for the program. Or we can set up the program for you.
Setting up the program for you means that we can hire and train the Program Coordinator, program trainers and assistants (we strongly suggest one trainer for every 30 students, or one trainer and one assistant for every 50).
We also provide technical support to ensure all the online components of the program will run properly on your computers.  Or we’ll make sure to find alternate methods of accessing the online content if your school or community center lacks computers.
We provide continued support, direction, assessment and tracking through the duration of the program.
If you have questions about bringing the MindSage/RealWorldCourse to your 21st Century Community Learning Center or After school program, please contact us today.

“With our RealWorld projects, it’s not passive learning. We don’t say, ‘You listen, I’ll talk’.  We say, ‘What are your ideas? How are you going to bring them to life?” 

-Mindsage/RealWorldCourse trainer.